Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Using concrete sealer is not only necessary when installing decorative concrete masterpieces to your floor; however, they can also be used in places with high traffic. Most of these places include garages, basements and driveways. They, therefore, help in preventing damage and keeping the concrete clean from damaging substances. This usually happens when there are spills of hazardous substances or when the floor is subjected to high moisture as well as other types of damages. Therefore concrete sealer keeps the floor protected for long periods unlike bare concrete hence extending the serviceable life of the concrete for several years

Which is the best concrete sealer for you?

As already said, there are several concrete sealers that you can use. However, the best one is tinted concrete sealer. Tinted sealers offer several benefits of a sealer with different colours. Both water-based and solvent sealers can be tinted based on what you want to achieve. Most manufactures provide pre-tinted sealers while others offer tint concentrates with a wide range of colours which you can add to a clear sealer while at the job location. The tints are dispersed finely in metallic based pigments in water.

The first generation of the tinted sealers was water-based with coloured curing compounds. The compound is always available and is commonly used as a matching cure for coloured concrete. Tinted concrete sealers provide a semi-translucent colour effect. While the water-based tinted sealers do not have the body to hold much colour because they are more translucent than the solvent tinted colours.

The method of application of the tinted concrete sealer is also crucial. For instance, using water-based tinted concrete sealer; you should not spray because the spray tip and pressure may cause the pigment to separate from the sealer.

Uses of Tinted Concrete Sealers

Tinted concrete sealers can be used alone for a low-cost decorative finish or as a method of enhancing decorative jobs where the colour is not used correctly. Regardless of the application, it is important always to test a sample of the tinted sealers to ensure the colour is properly blended before applying on the surface. It is also essential to remember the sealer, either coloured or not, does not last forever. Therefore when you offer a client a tinted sealer, it means you are getting them involved in maintenance programs for the sealed surface.

Most people are using tinted concrete sealers to seal compounds using both concrete and floor colouring methods. The colouring options benefit those in need of subtle colour effects for their concrete floors like transparent finish. If you want to enhance the existing concrete floor colouring and floor colour correction purposes then this method will be ideal for you. You may also wish to apply a tinted concrete sealer, solvent as well as water-based sealers. However, before doing all this on your own, it will be ideal to consult a professional to teach you how to do it correctly. This will help you in terms of budgeting and time.


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