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Summary: Console tables are incredibly useful pieces of furniture. If you’re planning on buying console tables from a furniture store in Marrickville, learn about these key details first. 

Console tables are wider and lighter versions of regular tables or desks. People use these slender, long, and versatile tables in various ways. Someplace them in their entryways or hallways; others place them against walls or sofas. Buying this sleek and versatile item from a furniture store in Marrickville is a great idea. 

Console tables are designed to be standalone pieces in entryways or hallways. That’s why they have unique styles. They can instantly transform any bedroom or living room space’s décor.

Buying Console Tables: What You Need to Know

Console tables are light, decorative furniture items. Their quality depends on the types of materials used for manufacture. That’s why always buy console tables from a reliable furniture store in Marrickville that has a positive track record. The way you plan to use your console table will also impact your purchase decision –

  • If you’re planning on using your console tables as standalone pieces of furniture in your entryways or hallways, prioritize aesthetics. Make sure your console table is slender, long, and well-designed. Your console tables should be able to add stylistic accents to your entryways or hallways.
  • If you’re planning to place your console table at the back of a sofa, verify its height and width first. The average height of these tables ranges between 28 to 32 inches. The height and width of your “sofa table” shouldn’t be higher than your sofa’s dimensions. Or else, your console table will ‘stick out’ over the edge from behind your sofa. 
  • Console tables made with a combination of wood and metal are heavier, bulkier, and offer more storage space. If you want to use your console tables as storage items, buying such heavier tables makes sense.

Installing Console Tables

Console tables need to be installed differently in different parts of the house.

  • If you’re installing your console tables in the foyers/hallways of your home, they need to serve as style statements. Make sure they don’t obstruct the walkways. Use the surfaces of these tables to store only small items like keys, wallets, etc.
  • Console tables in dining rooms often serve as temporary dining tables. These console tables typically have drawers to store cutlery, napkins, etc. They’re heavier, so they’re slightly more difficult to install. They also take up more space than slender hallway console tables. Install them against the wall to ensure they don’t take up too much-walking space.
  • Console tables in living rooms serve as temporary storage items. Install these tables in areas of the living room that are close to electrical switches. Then, you can install lamps or charge your phones on these tables. Some people even use their living room console tables to store their cable boxes, DVR equipment, etc.
  • Console tables inside bedrooms need to be both functional and beautiful. They can be used as nightstands and to store books and reading lamps. Install them near the headboard of your bed.

Console tables are amazingly versatile furniture items that can transform any space inside your home. Visit a top furniture store in Marrickville to buy these gorgeous and functional furniture items.


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