Thu, Mar 30, 2023

When you think of your ideal bathroom, the term “Practical” is likely to spring to mind. After all, few other rooms in the house fulfil as many functions. It’s bath time for the kids, complete with toys, bubbles, and noise, and then it’s a candle-lit, jazz-infused meditation retreat, ideal for some relaxation after the kids have gone to bed.


However, there is more possibility to optimise the functioning of your bathroom renovations in sydney project than you would think. Sure, putting some cubbies under the counter and purchasing a drawer divider helps organise the area, but believe us when we say there is still untapped potential for your bathroom to better suit your family’s requirements. Here are bathroom renovations at Sydney suggestions to get you started. Some are more complicated than others, but each one adds a functional and usable feature to your house.


Adios, bathtub

Consider installing a tub-to-shower conversion instead of a bathtub. For good reason, more than 60% of homeowners prefer a shower to a conventional tub. This ultra-functional upgrade adds 5 square feet of useable space to your family’s bathroom on average and provides a far more practical bathing choice. Though more complicated than some of the other suggestions on this list, collaborating with an experienced bathroom renovations at  Sydney expert for installation will make this improvement as delightful as it is practical.


More adaptable

Adding grab bars to your new or existing bathroom will make it more useful and pleasant. Slips and falls are extremely harmful, and this modest but powerful safety device will help both young and senior family members. And forget about the chilly, medical device-like bars of the past. Modern grab bars are stunning in their own right, wonderfully complimenting the decor of your bathroom renovations in sydney project.


Ingenious convenience

Mirrored medicine cabinets are a multi-functional bathroom renovation at Sydney, an option for keeping bathroom supplies out of sight and out of mind. These mirror/cabinet combos not only add elegance and dimension to your bathroom, but they also provide plenty of extra storage where it is most needed. There is a model to suit any aesthetic with a range of modern and traditional mirror forms available in hinged or sliding designs.


Plus, for families with small children, mirrored medicine cabinets keep toiletries and medications out of reach of prying hands.


Improvements to lighting

Upgrading your bathroom’s light fixtures is a simple yet effective approach to making the space more practical. Poorly lit restrooms seem cramped and chilly, and they may make common tasks like cosmetics and hygiene take longer. Installing new vanity, hanging, or sconce lighting will make the area feel larger and more inviting, as well as help you spend less time on tedious duties.


As you might guess, there is an almost infinite number of light fixture styles, so your lighting improvement of bathroom renovations at sydney project may be as attractive as it is useful.


Stylishly valuable

Adding new towel hooks is an easy, inexpensive, and completely effective way to update the look of your bathroom. These useful additions are another example of how modern bathroom renovations in sydney designs continue to merge beauty and utility. Even the most discriminating homeowner will be impressed by the range of materials, colours, and finishes used. Towel hooks are a great option for little intrusive yet highly functional bathroom renovations.



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