Tue, Dec 6, 2022

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At Guest Post Today, we encourage high-quality unique content. We aim to provide maximum relevant information to our readers. We create a digital platform for amateur writers and publishers. You can use our site to promote and share some relevant and meaningful information. It is one of the most recognized and widely used sites for blog posting. Our team of experts makes sure to check every article and confirm the authenticity of the same before publishing it on our website. The credibility and reliability of content are of prime importance to us. 

Following are some of the criteria that an article or blog must fulfil to get published on our website.


  • Word Limit:

 The word limit of an article/blog should be at least 400 words. Any content which does not meet this criterion won’t be published on our site. The content must be written in English and should be easy to comprehend. The article should have sole ownership[ and must not be copied or plagiarized. 


  • Content Relevant to our Website:

 We accept only those articles that are in synchronization with other articles and categories on our website. Your Article should be properly formatted and must contain some vital information. Any advertising, self-promotion or PR article will not be accepted by us. The sole purpose of our website is to give credible and unique information to our visitors.


  • Explicit content:

 Our team will not consider any content, which is offensive and explicit in any form. We reserve the right to accept and reject the content received by us. An inappropriate content which triggers violence, hatred, adult material etc is strictly not allowed on this website.


  • Promotional Content: 

Our website neither supports nor promotes the advertising of companies in any form. We do not allow any negative marketing strategies as well. The content should be unique and informative.


  • Proofread:

 It is imperative to check the authenticity of your article and proofread before submitting the same, We do not allow writers and authors to resubmit the same articles again. Thoroughly proofreading and editing your article will reduce the chances of your article being rejected or considered as spam.


  •  Unique content and follow links:

 The information in your content should be verified from multiple sources and must give some valuable insight to readers. We allow 1 link per for do follow. 


  • Title:

 One of the most important and focal points of an article is Title. The title should be unique, pertaining to the topic and must give readers a clear idea about the subject. The Title should not exceed more than 100characters. The title should not contain any URL, company name, Product name, or author name. The title of the article should be bold and the initial few lines on your article must infuse keywords aptly to drive more traffic to your article/blog.


  • Keywords:

 Number of unique keywords allowed per article is two. An author should adhere to all the rules and regulations of the site. The keywords can be separated with a comma or a single space. Avoid stuffing your article with too many keywords. You can optimize your keywords to attract a specific user or target audience.


  • Contact information:

 The author of the content/ article should not share any contact information or point of action. Our team without any prior intimation can reject any article violating the above-mentioned criteria and guidelines.