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When some guests or visitors come into a kitchen with granite benchtops, they are typically taken aback by how beautiful and sophisticated they seem. When it comes to kitchen benchtops, granite’s beauty is more than skin deep, and its sleek and elegant look is only one of the numerous benefits that this timeless natural stone offers in terms of durability and longevity.

Let’s take a look at how granite benchtops hold up against some of the difficulties that kitchen countertops encounter on a daily basis.

Heat Resistant

Granite is heat-resistant, which means it will not burn or mark if it comes into direct contact with high temperatures. The benefit of this is that you can remove your hot utensils from the oven and place it directly on the granite benchtops without having to be concerned about the surface being scorched, blistered, or cracked. Appliances such as toasters, electric frying pans, and portable barbecues may also be placed right on your granite benchtop for added convenience.

Easy to go with food spills

When the granite benchtops have been adequately sealed with a silicon-based material, it becomes impervious to water. Nothing can get through it, which is a big benefit in a kitchen where spills and messes are a regular occurrence. All that is needed for cleaning is a simple wipe down with mild soap and water, and it will be restored to its original shiny splendour. Furthermore, because of its smooth, sealed surface, it is difficult to harbour germs or other potentially dangerous microorganisms, making it an excellent option for maintaining kitchen hygiene standards.

Tough Build Quality

A kitchen countertop is subjected to a great deal of rough use. Withstanding anything from hefty shopping bags to food being cut or sliced to heavy porcelain dishes being shattered, granite benchtops are more than capable of holding up. When properly sealed, it’s very robust and resistant to scratching and chipping, and it’s unlikely to be scratched or chipped. However, if something goes wrong, there is a simple remedy. Indentations in your granite benchtops may be repaired by using a kind of putty that matches the colour of your granite benchtops and resealing the surface to restore it to its original appearance.

Smooth Surface

Professional chefs have been known to roll the dough right on the countertop, and you can do the same with your granite benchtops. For this reason, the surface is totally level and smooth and can be used to roll out anything from dough to bread. It’s no surprise that granite benchtops are highly regarded by both experts and amateurs.

Granite benchtops in a kitchen, on the other hand, are about much more than just functionality. They are likewise concerned with timeless beauty and good value for money. Granite benchtops are an investment, but it should be looked at as a long-term investment since it maintains its excellent aesthetics and usefulness for a long period of time, outlasts other materials, and adds considerable value to a house. Furthermore, since no two pieces of granite are alike, the varied patterns and wide range of colours found in this naturally occurring stone will give any kitchen a particular personality and character.

If you’re remodelling or constructing a new home and want to add some polished brilliance to your kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks, bar tops, and stairs, granite should be on your list of materials to choose from. Consider contacting Universal Stone, a company that specialises in high-quality granite benchtops in Sydney, if all of the benefits of granite appeal to you. Feel free to contact us on (02) 9674 7799 or by sending an email to to have a pleasant, obligation-free conversation about their services.


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