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break cleanerWhat is a brake cleaner?

It is a colourless cleaning agent, also called part cleaners. The primary purpose of brake cleaner is to clean the disk brakes, the engine compartment, and the underfloor of vehicles. Its application on metal parts or surfaces can degrease and clean them by removing excess oils, tar, fats, and dust. Also, when evaporated, it leaves no residue.

What are its major uses?

  • Vehicle owners or mechanics majorly use this solvent to degrease their vehicle parts and maintain them. But you have to avoid using brake cleaner on painted surfaces or chemical sensitive surfaces.
  • This cleaning agent is used for the degreasing process of metallic or car parts before painting, electroplating, or repairing them.
  • If you are struggling to unmount or separate the brakes from your car, then applying the cleaner will reduce your efforts and help you unlock rusted components easily, and you can clean them too with the brake cleaner.
  • There are other parts of a vehicle like a valve or bearing where this solvent can be used. You can clean the valve with brake cleaner before filling new oil in it, or you can use this cleaning agent to clean the grime on the bearing before regreasing it.

shower Mould Remover

There are few other uses of this cleaner apart from automotive space. It can be used to remove food or oil stains from clothes. Brake cleaners can be useful when you are struggling to remove stains from your patio or concrete driveways.

So, now you know what to use when you want to clean your car parts or the floor.

Now that we are into cleaning, let’s not skip the shower moulds. The reason behind the growth of shower moulds is the humidity and excess water in the bathroom. But because of the availability of shower mould removers, now it is a little easy to get rid of them.

Growth in shower mould not only makes your bathroom look dirty but also starts smelling, and it can cause some health problems too for people who are allergic to mould, lung disease, or immune disorders. Thus it is crucial to use shower mould remover to stop the spread of shower mould in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Using commercial mould cleaning products makes removing moulds an easy to do the task because there is no need for any prior preparation as these shower mould removers generally contain bleach which acts as an active ingredient and cleans the spores effectively.

There are few safety measures that you must follow while using a shower mould remover and there are discussed further.

  • Make sure that you cover your body parts well before using the mould remover as it contains bleach, and if exposed, it can be harmful to your skin.
  • Avoid the presence of any child or elderly person in the room until the cleaning job is done.
  • While using shower mould remover, make sure the windows are open, and space is well ventilated.

So, follow these simple steps to protect yourself while using the mould remover and keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.

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