Fri, Dec 9, 2022

With the Magic Mirror in Australia, also known as a selfie mirror being such a cutting edge product to Australia, people often think why to choose a Magic Mirror over something like a traditional Photo Booth.  So, let’s try and understand how the Magic Mirror differs from regular photo booths.

Well, A Magic Mirror In Australia Is Also A Kind Of Photo Booth, And There Are Some Eye-catching Advantages And Disadvantages To Both Types, So Here Are Some Thoughts And Views:

Picture quality

When it comes to quality pictures, a photo booth does have the upper hand. We have professional Canon DSLR cameras in the magic mirror, the one in fact that many photo booths use, so how will a standard booth offer a quality advantage?. Firstly, the lens is exposed, on the mirror, it’s behind the glass and the lighting can be more uniform, as generally is the distance of the subjects to the lens. So these small differences can lead to a more consistent quality of the picture. With the mirror, people can stand much further away from the lens, best for group shots, while the lighting changes during the event, meaning that we may need to recalibrate the magic mirror during the event. You also have the advantage of a nice curtain background with the oval booth, the overall ‘feel of the picture can be affected if you use the backgrounds.

Of course, in the real world, your photos will look similar if not identical, so we do not claim that the quality is poor, it’s just that there are some limitations in certain situations.


It’s a definite win here for the magic mirror in Australia, which can be positioned discreetly in the corner of even the smallest places. Of course, you still require quite a bit of floor space for the guests to stand on, but if space is just as expected, the magic mirror is surely the best option as the booth will stand at around 2.3 metres long and 2m high.


It’s another win for the magic mirror in Australia. The magic mirror is best suited to everyone, including partygoers in wheelchairs and smaller children. There are no access problems as the magic mirror booth is not enclosed. You can also get larger groups of people in the photo.


It’s a tough one here, we will say that it is about 50-50. A magic mirror allows for an option of a green screen backdrop and there are a number of more features to consider.  The magic mirror has a  unique luxury design, it allows for full-length images, larger groups, the option to sign the photos and add emoticons, gesture control, scream features, and full branding are big hits.

Fun factor

Everyone loves to get pictures from photo booths, they are great fun, but the magic mirror in Australia takes it up to a whole new level.  Fun is guaranteed as the combination of the novelty factor and the chance to sign the pictures always creates interest with guests.

Layouts and additional photo sets

Traditional photo booths might impress you if they allow you to select a number of sizes for the images, but many do not offer such options in bhoots.  They have the same option of printer size that a Magic Mirror in Australia has.  However, you do have multiple layouts that can be set up for you and then printed out onto 4×6″ prints.  You can also share photos via email and or any social media.  You also can upload all the pictures from your event to your Facebook gallery for your friends and family to tag themselves in.  So possibly if we are pushed we would say it’s 50/50 again.


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