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Buying cheap pallets in Sydney comes with some avoidable yet notable risks. Here’s a guide. 

Countless businesses use cheap pallets in Sydney to stack, store, protect, and transport their goods and materials. They even invest in pallet handling equipment such as pallet jacks, conveyors, forklifts, etc. However, when these packaging items are being transported in vehicles, they need to be stacked on top of each other.

Now, many business owners who buy cheap pallets also make the mistake of buying cheap stretch wraps, strappings, adhesives, pallet collars, and other tools to stabilize the pallets that are stacked on top of each other. Although pallets, especially timber pallets, are extremely reliable, there’s a lot that can go wrong with such arrangements. 

That’s why businesses need to be strategic when shopping for cheap pallets in Sydney. 

Design Considerations

Business owners must make sure that they get the right types of pallets that suit their products’ design. For example, a pallet meant for storing bulky and heavy items will have completely different properties than pallets that are meant to store small and fragile products. Similarly, if you’re shipping potentially hazardous items, your pallets need to have special features. 

Timber pallets are widely preferred by business owners because they are not sensitive to external conditions. However, taking a generalized approach to different types of pallets in the market is not safe. Even if you’re 100% sure that low-cost timber pallets will be perfect for your products, have a detailed discussion with the sellers or with custom pallet designers about this topic. 

Ask them which specific features your pallets need to have depending on the nature of the products and shipping processes the business is involved in.  

Assess Product Weight Before Ordering

When there’s a chance to buy cheap pallets, most businesses take the deal instantly. That’s because, for most businesses involved in the manufacturing and shipping industry, pallets, especially timber pallets, have been around for centuries. These packaging items will always be useful. 

Manufacturers and shippers must assess the expected weight of their products (during shipments). The weight of the products will be the key determinant of what types of custom pallets you need. Usually, for very heavy products, the experts recommend pallets built out of hardwoods.

Pallets made of softer woods like Maple are ideal for small, fragile items that need flexible packaging layers. That’s why manufacturers, shippers, and even local business owners should ask their packaging engineers to constantly share details about the expected weight of their products with their pallet suppliers. 

While using the low-cost pallets, packaging experts must ensure that the weight of the products is distributed correctly over the pallet to prevent the risk of product damage. 


Contrary to belief, many businesses use cheap pallets in Sydney to stack, store, protect, and transport their goods and materials. Highly sensitive products require a lot of care. High-quality timber pallets offer them just that. But, manufacturers, shippers, or local business owners must ask their pallet suppliers about additional support requirements like padding. 

By taking these steps, businesses can minimize supplier impact on their packaging plans while still bagging great discounts! 


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