Sun, Mar 26, 2023

Buying a new laptop can be an intimidating task especially when shopping on a budget. In a bid to maximize profits, brands have flooded the market with multiple options while making only slight changes in configuration. Picking out cheap laptops in Sydney that are perfect for you for under AU$1000 might be less complicated if you ask yourself what your needs are. 

Our guide can help you come to a decision.

  • Operating system – Most cheap laptops run Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Window OS is a simple and fast operating system suitable for people with a decent Internet connection and a preference for Google services; a cheap Chromebook can be purchased for only AU$300. While a Mac laptop may be more expensive and less smooth than the Window OS, most applications are built for its interface, making it a dependable option.


  • Processor – Cheap laptops come with a variety of low-end processors. It is advisable to avoid processors from MediaTek and Samsung. We recommend you invest in either an Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 laptop.


  • RAM – While 8GB is ideal for a cheap laptop, a 4GB or 6GB laptop might suffice if you have basic requirements like web browsing, writing documents, or personal accounting.


  • Storage – Most cheap laptops come with a solid-state hard drive which significantly cuts down app load times. Chromebooks will list a small 32GB or 64GB eMMC hard drive instead of a solid-state drive which is fine for a Chromebook, but not for a Windows laptop. While a 256 GB laptop is safer, it is more expensive. A laptop with 128GB of storage space might work out for you if you also use cloud storage.


  • Display – Cheap laptops have an edge-lit LCD screen. Most are 1080p, but some come with 1366 x 768 or HD resolution. We recommend you invest in a full HD laptop. When it comes to display size, a 13-inch laptop is best for its portability.


Some additional points to keep in mind


  • Most cheap laptops will have a battery life of four to six hours. It will also come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and will weigh around two to three kilograms.


  • A cheap laptop is not built for gaming. Most budget laptops are not equipped with graphics hardware separate from the processor. Your gaming experience might be limited to 3D games like Counter-Strike; more visually demanding games are usually impracticable.


  • Remember that stores might try to offload older or poorly configured laptops through sales and attractive deals. We recommend you carefully consider the specifications you desire and then make the purchase.


  • It is possible to opt for monthly installments when buying a cheap laptop in Sydney, so be sure to check with the store.


In conclusion, the right care and maintenance can ensure that a cheap laptop manages a variety of tasks and be of use for several years. While a cheap laptop may not match a luxury laptop when it comes to performance, it sure can beat it on value. Do the research mentioned above, and you can find your cheap laptop in Sydney at the best deal. 


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