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A freestanding bath is currently the most fashionable solution, which can be used in a large bathroom but, if properly planned, can also be used in a small one. These bathtubs look great in large bathrooms. This does not mean that they will not work in bathrooms with a smaller area. Having a freestanding bath is best for your bathroom. Therefore, you should opt for freestanding baths available in Sydney.

A freestanding bath is an element that many people dream of. It is not surprising, because such a bath is extremely effective, which can give the room a unique character. Besides, a freestanding bathtub can be equipped with amenities such as hydro massage. A freestanding bath, in addition to an aesthetic appearance, has other advantages. First of all, it is incredibly convenient to use, because you can use it from all sides, which is especially appreciated when cleaning it.

What is a heated towel rail?

The heated towel rail is a feature that normally used to heat towels before you use them. Thus, any dampness is removed from the towels, and when used, it dries all the water from your body. 

A freestanding bath in a small bathtub cannot stand in the middle of the room because it would take up too much valuable space and might even interfere with its movement completely. However, it is worth knowing that most models of freestanding baths have at least one straight edge that allows you to attach it directly to the wall. A freestanding bath will work well in the corner of the bathroom. This arrangement saves and optimizes free space. 

Freestanding bath with shower: is this possible?

Some people expect versatility in their bathrooms, so they willingly choose a bathtub connected to a shower. It would seem that such a solution is impossible in the case of a freestanding bath. 

freestanding baths

Freestanding baths- designs

A freestanding bathtub, regardless of its shape, makes an amazing impression. However, it cannot be denied that the round bath is the most effective and, therefore, the most popular model. The freestanding circle-shaped bathtub is not only elegant but also very comfortable. Unfortunately, only owners of large bathrooms can afford it, because the width of this type of bath is almost 2 meters. A freestanding circle-shaped bathtub is not the cheapest type of bathtub. The price of individual models depends primarily on the material from which they are made, size, and manufacturer.


  • The most crucial advantage of freestanding baths is that they attract attention. They are especially suited for the large and glamour bathrooms. 
  • High level of the visual appeal of the product.
  • Such a bath can be located in any part of the room, having previously determined the location of the bath. You can equip all the necessary support for its functioning.
  • Based on the bath’s location, you can have free access to it from any direction.

A freestanding bathtub is usually recommended for larger bathrooms. This is an essential element in the bathroom. Contrary to appearance, such a bathtub can also be successfully used in a small bathroom, but it is worth installing a small freestanding bathtub.

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