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The bathroom has become one of the most important areas in Australian homes, unlike olden days. Bathrooms these days occupy major space of total home’s carpet space and beautifying it and giving it a class apart look and feel has become the trend of modern society. 

Bathroom tiles enhance the look of your bathroom and provide a neat finish to the entire furnishing. 

The amount of money is not the only factor behind a wise selection of best tiles for the bathroom, but proper knowledge is also very important while choosing the tiles for constructing an elegant bathroom. Cheap tiles in Brisbane are the most popular ones and are highly recommendable.

Bathroom tiles in Melbourne are available in a surprising number of materials. Like Vinyl, Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are what first comes into mind. They are perhaps the most practical and best options.

  • Vinyl Tiles:

Because of its low cost and a high degree of practicality, it has been considered as the best bathroom tiles in Melbourne. It has come a long way in aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. The material is self-stick and can be cut with a utility knife.

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles:

Like vinyl, ceramics score high in maintenance but they are not as comfortable to the barefoot. Installing radiant floor heat helps to change that, but a hard surface is hard, whether or not it is warm. Ceramic usually will resist wear and scratches. Ceramic tiles are a good option for safe and non-slippery flooring in bathrooms.

  • Glass Tiles:

The aesthetic appeal for a glass floor tile is two-fold: Covering part of the floor in a very thin layer, creates the illusion of depth and, if tined, a lovely stained glass effect is observed. Small glass tiles with lots of grout joints are also slipping resistant.

  • Stone Tiles:

Stone tiles have become popular in other rooms as well as in bathrooms. They are available in different colours that range from cream to blues, reds, greens, and golds. Stone requires more maintenance than ceramic tiles; regular cleaning and sealing are recommended.

  • Plastic Laminate Tiles:

These Bathroom tiles in Melbourne don’t significantly raise the height to the existing floor which makes it easier to plan transitions from room to room. Long durable and easy to keep clean, laminate falls short when it comes to moisture. With laminates, it is critical to caulk gaps along the walls, around the toilet and the tub to prevent water infiltration.

  • Linoleum Floor Tiles:

Linoleum is made of cork powder, linseed oil, pigments, wood flour, and ground limestone. It’s advertised as naturally inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and being able to repel dust and dirt, all while retaining its colour. The look comes at a cost, however, linoleum is relatively expensive.

  • Cork Tiles:  

Cork flooring is very easy on the feet as well as warm to touch. These Cheap tiles in Brisbane come tinted in a variety of colours. Generally, cork tiles are installed with a trowelled on adhesive but click in place floating floor products are available.

Here are 7 materials from which bathroom tiles are normally made. Since now you know the types of bathroom tiles, it will be easier for you to decide which type of tiles will suit you the best.

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