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During the final days of an orthodox person, you need to bring the priest so that a person can receive Holy Communion and let the priest listen to the final confession. Just after an orthodox person passes away, the priest begins a prayer service in the presence of everyone and makes the soul leave the body of the deceased person. 

Things to know 

Afterwards, the wake service begins and the body of the deceased person needs to undergo the necessary preparation, which lasts for about three days. However, a few churches may have a day for the preparation. Finally, the family reads the book of Psalms while the priest of the church completes the other formalities. Generally, the orthodox funerals in Sydney begin right after the wake. 

Possibility of cremation

The Orthodox Church does not support cremation for various reasons and the first option is that the process of cremation does not consider the value of the human body. The second reason is that orthodox Christians try to live a holy life similar to Christ. Therefore, the orthodox people believe in following the footsteps of Christ after his death. Even though the Orthodox Church made permitted cremations in the past for the members, it is a rather uncommon incident. The funeral companies follow the customs of the church during the funeral. 

Tips to plan an orthodox funeral

Arranging the funeral of your loved one is one of the most challenging things to do. However, you need to complete the funeral process in the best possible manner. When it comes to orthodox funerals in Sydney, there are several ways to go about fulfilling the procedure appropriately.  There are different customs, traditions, and practices to follow. You need o go ahead with the procedure and complete it to grant the wishes of your loved one.

Orthodox funeral service

The Christian Orthodox priests conduct the funeral service in the church after the wake and it usually begins with the priest leading the procession of the casket and holding the cross. The priest also sings the hymn of Trisagion during this phase. After the completion of this phase, the casket needs to be opened and the service continues until the deceased is exposed.   Furthermore, a wreath needs to be placed on the head of the deceased person and the symbol of the patron saint of Christ should be present in their hand. Finally, candle distribution takes place for everyone present during the service. The candles need to be lit and the priest leads the service by saying the prayers. After the completion of the service, the mourners bid goodbye to the deceased and the casket closes again. 

Here are the things you need to know.

  • Considering the eligibility

When it comes to organizing orthodox funerals in Sydney, you need to follow a set of criteria. A parishioner with a good reputation in the Orthodox Church can execute the funeral service. On the other hand, if the deceased person expressed their wish to be cremated in the wills, the funeral service may not take place in the church. You need to keep this in mind so to know whether you are eligible or not.

  • Considerations for the funeral service

The following five key considerations for the funeral service to keep in mind.

  1. The Orthodox funeral service deals with the reality of death and another life of the deceased person. Therefore, the service repeals negative aspects and includes some prayers for forgiveness. 
  2. Usually, the priests need to put on white clothes to signify the happiness of Resurrection.
  3. The funeral process usually takes place within the Church and it needs to be a mortuary chapel or a cemetery with special permission.
  4. Once the body of the deceased person arrives at the church, the priest begins the funeral service and meets the friends, family and views the casket that stays at the front door of the church.
  5. The priest continues chanting and leads the family and friends to the sanctuary for the service and the guests waiting outside the church can sign on the guest book.

The family sits in the front row with the icon of Christ in the front. In the final stage, the priests put oil and dirt in the cross forms and close the casket. 

When choosing funeral companies, you need to make sure that they can meet all your needs appropriately and accommodate your wishes for the orthodox funeral.


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