Wed, Mar 22, 2023

Commercial upholstery and interior design trends are constantly upgrading with time. And, as you remodel your house every time, it’s important to modify these pieces too, that work for you and your lifestyle. That being said, let’s learn about the current trends that will inspire you, and aid you along your design journey.

1. Leather

Leather has always been the mainstay in interiors for some good reasons. The unmatched quality of its durability against spills, tears, and sun exposure cannot be compromised. The space where you install leather goods instantly makes the ambience classic. Accents such as an accent chair, ottoman, and accessories such as coasters blend leather exceptionally well. The designers suggest balancing out the boldness of leather by placing wool rug and brass hardware.

2. Softened geometric patterns

 Do you want softer patterns to match your personality? What is in trend now is softened geometric and abstract print? Avoid the busy prints on your commercial upholstery and bring into work the easy pattern into your decor.  Fabrics should look more organic with softer patterns and natural elements in the design to accentuate the vibe of the place. Just like softened geometric shapes look fabulous. 

3. Velvet

If you are thinking to bring elegance and glamour to your textile, trust the designers can go for velvet material. With its luxurious reputation, it is also the one fabric that is considered the most durable and versatile. Don’t worry about the spills, making it perfect for kids and homes with pets. Yet another attribute is its comfort and stylish. 

4. Neutral  

Did you know that fabrics play a major role in the look of the sofa set? It’s all about fabric performance; so, let’s consider the colour and pattern of commercial upholstery. The neutral style will never be out of style. Add colours, design, and modification whenever you want to magnify its design and trend. Trending currently is the combo of neutral tones with glam accents. And as far as trends go, it’s easy to incorporate. Add some glam, with accents, bolsters with a velvet touch, or plush cushion throws. These will instantly upgrade your upholstery.

5. Boucle & Sherpa

This commercial upholstery style has been widely popular at different times and now it’s back again in 2022. Often appearing in different shades of creams & whites, they style with warmth and rustic styles and make the best combination with warm wood tones. It instantly adds a tinge of the aristocracy to space and suits well with a furniture statement. A bit high priced but worth placing this commercial upholstery. 


Your commercial upholstery should define your class and taste, so choose it wisely. Go through the trends to be sure of what you expect from the pieces. Interior design trends are all about personal expression and seamlessness and not about straight jacket rules to install them. Your choice should make an uproar in the place, express your creativity and make your home unique to you as well as everyone. 


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