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In an internal combustion engine, connecting rods are most typically employed in automotive engines. In addition, a piston connecting rod is used in farm equipment, vehicles and trucks, construction equipment, and any other vehicle with an internal combustion engine. 

What is a Connecting Rod?

A connecting rod, often known as a con rod, is an essential internal combustion engine. Although it is also employed on steam engines, it is highly vital on automobiles. The connecting rods facilitate fluid movement between the pistons and the crankshaft. 

The piston is connected to the crankshaft by a conrod, facilitating the translation of the piston’s reciprocating action into crankshaft rotation. The component serves as a lever arm, transmitting compressive and tensile forces from the piston while rotating at both ends. 

The fundamental function of a connecting rod is to convey power by forming a link between the piston and the crankshaft. The piston connecting rod lubricates the wrist pin or gudgeon pin and the cylinder walls. 

Piston connecting rods has four important types, they are mentioned below-

  • Forged Rod

The manufacturing procedure for connecting rods determines their type. The process of forging connecting rods entails pushing the grain of a chosen material, such as a steel alloy, into the rod’s desired shape. 

Depending on the qualities required, the material can be steel alloy or aluminium. The nickel/chrome alloy improves the connecting rod’s strength without making the final product brittle.

  • Cast Rods

Original equipment manufacturers prefer cast rods because they can withstand the stresses of a stock engine and are less expensive to produce. 

Cast connecting rods have a noticeable seam down the middle that distinguishes them from forged type. Should not use cast rods in high-horsepower applications above 450 horsepower and 6,000 RPM.

  • Powdered Metal

Powdered metal connecting rods are another option for original equipment manufacturers. A powdered metal mixture is pressed into a mould and heated to high temperatures to solidify the mixture. 

Powdered metal rods require minimal machining because they come out of the mould as a finished product. As a result, these rods are less expensive to make than steel connecting rods and are more durable than cast connecting rods.

  • Billet

Connecting rods made of billet are commonly used in high-end racing automobiles. Billet rods are lighter, stronger, and more durable than other types because they are machined from a single steel or aluminium piece. In addition, some billet rods have characteristics that prevent stress risers and allow the ease of natural grain of the billet material.

In India, there are numerous connecting rod manufacturers. Still, it’s always advisable to get it from the best manufacturer as the Connecting Rods are classified according to their production process, applications, materials, and manner of separating the big end cap, among other factors. 


Moreover, the AutoGRACE® brand, which Garima Global owns, has developed a comprehensive variety for any type of connecting rod you require. Connecting rod is perhaps the most dynamically stressed component in the IC engine. Garima global helps its customers choose the right product for their requirements. 

As a result, satisfied customers worldwide have relied on AutoGRACE® brand connecting rods for decades to work reliably under the most demanding conditions.

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