Sun, Mar 26, 2023

There are good reasons why every top chiro in Narellan is called a “miracle worker.” Here are some painful conditions these expert chiropractors can treat with maximum efficiency.  

A top chiro in Narellan can fix various conditions that are linked to your spinal cord and your body’s overall structure. Only a few chiropractic sessions are sufficient enough to relieve the nagging pain that you’re feeling in your neck, back, etc. Yet, many patients with such ailments refrain from receiving chiropractic care.

Just because professional chiropractors don’t prescribe drugs or perform surgery doesn’t mean that their treatments aren’t medically valid. By receiving complete chiro care, your body will be properly aligned, and it’ll have a better chance of healing itself. Here are four ailments that top chiropractors can adjust, manipulate, and cure –

1) Back Pain:

Back pain is the most common reason why people seek complete chiro care. Since professional chiropractors spend their lives researching spinal manipulation, they’re perfectly equipped to cure different types of back pain. People with lower back pain, in particular, can get a lot of relief from regular chiropractic care.

Many patients’ back pain issues stem from underlying issues in their sacroiliac joints (SI joints). These are the big joints that we find at the bottom of our spines. Issues in SI joints typically manifest as lower back pain, pain in the buttock regions, and pain in the thigh areas.

A professional chiro in Narellan will fix these issues by conducting a series of chiropractic adjustments. They recommend exercises to strengthen the core muscles of our backs. Since these muscles support SI joints, chiropractors also teach patients how to avoid straining these muscles in the future.

2) Whiplash Injuries:

Whiplash injuries are caused by car accidents. When drivers have to hit the brakes to stop their cars forcibly, their necks get sprained (the rest of the body is tied down by seatbelts). Avoiding these injuries could lead to permanent stiffness in the neck. Patients may also struggle to turn or pick up their heads.

Chiropractors help thousands of whiplash injury victims every year. They conduct different types of chiropractic adjustments on the neck. They also teach patients how to stretch and exercise their neck muscles at home safely. They may even use heat or ice-based treatments to eliminate muscle swellings.

3) Frozen Shoulder Syndrome:

Professional chiropractors frequently help people suffering from stiff and painful shoulders, a.k.a. frozen shoulder syndrome. Regular chiropractic care eliminates the pain that patients feel in their shoulders. Patients are able to move their necks freely after a few sessions of chiropractic care. They also teach patients how to safely exercise the muscles surrounding their shoulders at home.

4) Migraines:

Instead of taking migraine medication every time patients feel stressed, they should opt for chiropractic spinal manipulations instead. These spinal manipulation techniques are known for decreasing the number of migraines patients experience on a daily basis. These chiropractic treatments also decrease the patients’ pain and overall stress levels.

A professional chiro in Narellan will recommend healthy ways to reduce the ill effects of migraines. Some of these techniques include – maintaining proper posture, making some changes to the diet, and regular exercising. Patients suffering from these common conditions can benefit a lot from chiropractic care!


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