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A Generator is useful for energy backups consistent with users’ necessities.  3kVA Generator price in India is flexible in keeping with requirements i.E. price can vary with various charge rates.

3kVA generator is the Gen-set that is the best within the generator sets which has properly gasoline efficiency in addition to desirable for its portability. It may be used in many fields i.E for home appliances, small businesses.

3kVA generator is the Genset that’s the first-rate within the generator units which has correct gasoline efficiency as well as properly for its portability. It may be used in many fields i.E for domestic appliances, creation fields, and in factories also.

3kVA petrol generator specification:

Power:   3KVA

Voltage:  220 V

Fuel Type:   Petrol

Rated Frequency:   50 Hz

Engine Type:    4-Stroke

Bore Stroke:    70×54 mm

Starting Type:   Electric Start

Features of silent 3kVA generator:

The main cause is that its Gensets far less pricey and it is miles first-rate to find out processes to shop coins when starting your first commercial corporation.

  • High-exquisite components
  • High going for walks temperature tolerance
  • Easy, rapid and easy coolant refilling
  • Excellent accessibility and superior serviceability
  • Quiet generator Durable rustproof canopy
  • Fuel cleanout separator for gold-popular performance
  • Best in class gas economy

Ranges of 3kVA Genset in INDIA

The range of 3kVA Gen-set relies upon the production of that product with all specs. Prices of 3kVA Gensets are various in rates in keeping with distinctive brands as well as consistent with their organization like Kirloskar, Mahindra, and Honda, etc. Prices are lower priced for 3kVA Gen-set for users in line with their requirements. Price can range because of product specifications like the price is extraordinary for Rent in addition to for a brand-new one.

3kVA Gen-sets are useful due to their portability in addition to their enough fuel efficiency. Due to all reasons, 3kVA Gen-set expenses can range for diverse brands.

  1. Honda 3kVA petrol generator with a price:

Power:     3kVA

Price:     Approx. 72,000 / unit

Brand:    Honda

Model No:    EU30

Voltage:    230

Application:    Home / Office

Fuel Type:    Petrol

Noise Level:    Silent or Soundproof

Fuel Tank Capacity:    12.5 Liters

Weight:    60 KG

Features of Honda 3kVA generator:

Due to Honda’s modern technology, this new age generator is so silent which you would possibly actually need to test if it’s on. Every viable element has been stored in thoughts whilst designing its features.

  • Ultra Silent, Portable & Compact
  • Runs AC and many other appliances
  • Super Silent
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy Start
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Easy to Carry
  • Fuel gauge Option
  • Oil Alert System
  1. Kirloskar 3kVA generator:

  • Cooling System:   Air Cooling
  • Price:   Approx. 80,000/unit
  • Power:    3kVA 
  • Noise Level:    Silent or Soundproof
  • Brand:    Kirloskar
  • Fuel Type:    Diesel
  • Frequency:    50 Hz
  • Lube Oil Capacity:    1100 ML
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:    13 L

What Kind of Maintenance Does A Generator Require?

Generators are engines and require routine engine renovation to make sure proper operation. Since many generators are depended on to offer backup power in the event of emergencies, it is essential for operators to conduct ordinary tests and inspections in their gen-sets to make certain the system will function as needed, whilst needed.

The exceptional generator preservation routine is the one recommended through the manufacturer, but, at a minimum, all generator renovation plans must include normal and routine:

  • Inspection and elimination of worn elements.
  • Checking of fluid levels, inclusive of coolant and gas.
  • Conducting of a load bank take a look at the generator and automated switch.
  • Checking of the panel to ensure the accuracy of readings and indicators.
  • Changing the air and gas filters.
  • Lubrication of components as needed.
  • Cooling system checking

Be sure to maintain a protection log for record-keeping. In conjunction with the date and the hour meter analyzing of the generator. This information may be compared in opposition to future data and used to help locate abnormalities or adjustments in operation which might also clue you into hidden troubles that could become major troubles if left unchecked.

Generators can last for many years when properly maintained. These simple, small investments will really pay off through the years via saving on steeply-priced repairs or even complete gen-set replacement. Qualified preservation technicians that will help you preserve your generator in tip-top shape yr after 12 months after yr. It’s time and money well spent if it could hold your business up and jog whilst the energy goes out.


It’s possible to shop for a generator for just about any need. Some Generators are small, portable devices that are used for tenting or pursuits to provide small quantities of energy for just a few devices. Others are everlasting installations that can electricity an entire house. Industrial Gen-sets is even more powerful, able to maintaining full strength to manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and workplace complexes.


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