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When it comes to relocating, the very first thing that comes to the mind of an individual who is relocating is how to protect fragile items and relocate safely to the new destination. Safeguarding fragile items like chinaware, crockery, paintings, glassware, etc. begins with the packing technique. Thus, additional care is highly required for packing fragile items

You need to follow 10 useful packing tips. Here are the tips as follows:

  • Plan before packing

Proper packing of delicate items requires detailed planning. Thus, preparing a list of packing fragile items is a significant task to carry out when you have precious objects in your home. Such a list indeed helps in packing and also helps you to determine the type of packing materials you need for safe delivery of the product to a new destination.

  • Use small size moving boxes

Small-size boxes are easy to carry and they also reduce the chance of delicate items collision with one another. The extra gap in the box must be filled with newspaper or padding. 

  • Avoid flimsy boxes

A thick and strong moving box is the ultimate choice for packing fragile items. Moving boxes made up of flimsy and cheap material risks the safety of expensive items while handling. Premium quality boxes are capable of tolerating sudden shocks and the items inside remain safe.

  • Tape bottom of moving boxes

Tap the bottom of the moving boxes with extra packing tape to strengthen the bottom so that the base does not break open.

  • Put heavy items at the bottom

While packing fragile items, make sure that you keep the heavy items at the bottom for making the base strong. Place lighter and smaller items on top of the box so the items do not get crushed because of the weight.

  • Fill the hollow with packing supplies

As you are moving expensive crockery like glasses, bowls, cups, and other glassware, make sure that you stuff the hollow spaces with packing paper to avoid vibration. 

  • Make use of dividers

For moving glass items from one location to another, make sure that you carry the glasses in a glass divider cardboard box. Such boxes give protection to the glassware from breakage due to collision.

  • Make use of bubble wrap

The paper bubble wrap packing material is considered to be the best for packing fragile items and it keeps the items completely safe and secured.  Use packing tape also for keeping all your items intact while moving.

  • Label delicate items

Each moving box comprising expensive and delicate items must be labelled properly. These boxes must be kept away in a safe place for heavier goods. 

  • Pack every item separately

All fragile items must be packed separately with proper packing materials. Stuff the items in small boxes and do not pack them with other goods.

Moving becomes easier with fragile items when you follow the tips mentioned above. If you are unable to do it, then hire experts for doing the packing for you. For hiring experts, you can contact 



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