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Direct Hair Implant is one of the most renowned hair transplant methods. The professional having immense expertise in grafting and hair transplant can perform this procedure with utmost meticulousness. The DHI process involves collecting grafts from the donor site and implanting them on the bald spot. The procedure is pain-free and required expertise in incision and grafting. In one session, DHI can graft around 3000 hair follicles and allow one to achieve a luminous and younger look. DHI is one of the best methods to overcome the problem of hair thinning and baldness. 

However, several questions pop up in our minds when it comes to direct hair implantation in India. There are some apprehensions and ambiguity about the same. 

Here are some 10 Important Questions To Ask Before DHI Hair Implantation

  • Am I an ideal candidate for DHI? 

If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, noticing signs of baldness, denser hair loss issues, frontline baldness, receding hairline, and have failed to respond to basic home remedies concerning hair loss and baldness then, you can opt for direct hair implantation in India.


  • When will my hair start to grow? 

The growth of your hair in the donor area depends on several factors such as the texture of your hair, quality of your hair, the growth pattern, lifestyle choices, and much more. Taking optimum care of your donor area and practicing some basic hair care can help you to stimulate the growth of your hair.


  • Do the results look natural? 

One of the greatest advantages of DHI is the natural, voluminous and dense hair. direct hair implantation in India gives you maximum visibility and implanted hairs continue to grow throughout the lifetime. One can witness considerable natural growth of the hair in just a few months after the procedure. Moreover, DHI is a permanent hair transplant method with umpteen graft survival rate.


  • Is it the best technology available? 

Yes, DHI is one of the most advanced and contemporary transplant techniques. In this method, modern tools are used to remove the hair follicles from the donor area usually back of the head and are implanted in the recipient area. This hair implant method is also known as ‘Pen Hair Transplant’. 


  • Are the procedures regulated and quality assured? 

Direct hair implantation in India does not include any surgical and incisions. It is 100% safe. The whole process is supervised and managed by a team of experts having immense knowledge and skills in performing DHI. 


  • How can you measure the results?

The results of DHI can be measured precisely using an advanced computerized alopecia test. The graft survival rate of DHI is 97%. 


  • How much recovery time is needed?

The recovery time after direct hair implantation in India depends upon the hair loss issue and graft hair follicles. Usually, it may take around 4-6 weeks to completely recover after DHI.


  • Is DHI safe?

Yes, direct hair implantation in India is 100% safe and does not involve any complex procedure or incisions. The direct hair implantation cost in India depends on several factors such as the reputation of the clinic, infrastructure, credibility of doctors and much more.


  • How effective is DHI?

DHI is cent percent effective. The results of DHI are exceptional. DHI gives one a natural-looking permanent volume hair. The safe Hair implant method has the highest graft survival rate and provides visible hair growth in just a few months after the procedure.


  • What are the risks and complications associated with DHI?

Technically, there are no major risks and complications associated with DHI. It is minimally invasive and is performed under local anesthesia. In many cases, the patient can embrace the routine life the very next day. There are no long-term medications or post-procedure involved after DHI. 

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